RenewYou Nutrition Coaching & Education

We recognize that employees are ultimately responsible for their health, but the worksite provides an excellent opportunity to educate and support employees in making healthy choices and potential lifestyle changes.

How we do it. . .

To meet all learning styles, RenewYou will develop a learning program for your employees.  The content and number of seminars can be customized to your company's needs and budget. 

Seminar Topics

  • Changing your Lifestyle 
  • Portion Distortion
  • Sabotage-Proofing Your Home 
  • Grocery Store Tour 
  • Emotion Management 
  • Exercise Sessions with a Personal Trainer 
  • Healthy Cooking Class
  • Social Eating 
  • Recipe Alteration
  • Family/Friend Support 
  • Tools for Success 
  • Testimonials from Past Participants  

Additional Services 

  • Individual assessments with a nutritionist for goal setting and one-on-one teaching.
  • Follow-up services to evaluate progress.

For additional information, contact:

Karen Hoffman-Herin